Friday, 21 November 2008

Event: The Books of Soap. Chek it.

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Yeah like this is going to work.

Hosted By: Simon Kane
When: 21 Nov 2008, 19:00
Where Shunt Lounge
Joiner Street, underneath London Bridge Station
London, SE19RL
United Kingdom
Simon Kane

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Look, here it is: It will be a busy week (including Robert Popper previewing a radio piece in the Arena - zooks!) and it's the last week the Lounge will be open for a while before the big hatted panjandrums of MagniDickensChristmassyCorp move in with their antlers, barrels and gluey snow-cannon. But yes, the books of soap: Having valiantly transformed the penthouse into a reading room, Gemma's now had to skip the country before being able to realize the final dream of turning that beamed murk at the back into a "Rare Books Room". She was inspired by Eleanor's tales of the "Trinum Magicum", a book bound in human skin on display by appointment only at the Brighton and Hove Library, which was worth bearing in mind when I got the call a couple of days ago to come in and see if I could come up with some use for what had been put in place. Great. It was a paid gig, and the room actually looked pretty much finished if you squinted. So I said yes gladly and smeared some vaseline on a pair goggles. I'm actually very pleased with how Books of Soap's turned out for a day's work. It's not just the random creepy gubbins I initially hoped to get away with, it's turned into something that really takes account of the care with which you handle an old volume (along with the bag checks enforced at the British Library) and doesn't I hope just make you feel like a blundering game show contestant, the path of least resistance in these kind of makeshift sensory installation deals. Oh yes and bloody hell Graham Linehan was in last night, a definite "get to meet"! He is a diamond. "Hello - Jon [Ronson!], this is Simon. He's a comedy writer also." Except of course I'm not I'm a fan Graham a tiny fan and we've never even met... Actually though, I did go along to the final recording of laughter for That Mitchell and Webb Look on Monday and feel now finally that he may have a point... It was very good, I'll expand bout dat laters tho. At the top is a picture of Quinto's on Charing Cross where I used to work. They've got rid of all the shelves, look. I wonder what it will smell like.

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