Saturday, 8 May 2010

Day 2 of my exciting election blog! (Not alone)

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So were you up for Opik? It doesn't have the same ring, does it? Firstly then hats off to Alistair Stewart and ITV...Christ I'm watching BBC News 24 right now and their palpable impatience with the absence of a result favouring the Tories is like an armpit in the face. Do they not realise this might take some time? What the hell were they thinking last night? Where was their Plan B? Paxman asking half-heard questions about results that weren't in, David Dimleby grumbling about shots of "leylandii and other sorts of hideous hedges" while fielding eerie late-night phone-calls describing a mood of despondency, intercut with Andrew Neill (if there was ever a Dick Tracy villain called Cowpat...) and Bill Wyman on a yacht, all this maybe was not the way to go. No, I turned over to ITV at around two in the morning and gratefully never turned back. There was arguing on ITV. I like arguing, it's sort of a bit like explaining. Alistair Stewart, who I'd thought ran that first leaders' debate with the deceptively hectic hand of a Thelma Schoonmaker, insured once more that time flew, while points got made and I actually felt like I was learning something. And the choice of guests was perfect: For Labour, looking like Dredd without the helmet and sounding like John Wagner John Reid appeared the epitome of stour, sly Old Left badass (I thought they'd all died). Anne Widdecombe meanwhile was everything I wanted to see in a Tory that night: angry, baffled, tiny and old. And for the LibDems - I don't know, who who is that guy? He's great, I've seen him quite a bit. He looks like the haggard scientist nobody will listen to charting the course of the meteorite, and he sighed a lot.

As well he might. It looks like I wasn't alone. Nick Clegg's now doing exactly what he said he would, which is why in the end so many of us didn't vote for him and plumped instead for the party we wanted to see him form a coalition with. Bear this in mind though, it's not Clegg's decision in the end. Any alliance he forms will have to supported by his party. And look at them. I don't see them favouring Cameron. But I don't know. It's like Battlestar Galactica, isn't it. Is it? It's like Mad Men. What's the word I'm looking for? It's drama.

I'm looking over my tweets, what was the highlight? Definitely this. "Nakedpainter posted at March 6th". She's alive. You Monsters are the greatest.

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