Wednesday, 27 November 2013


"If I must sit I do so in the bath."

From wikipedia:
'After the war, Lee, who can speak fluent French and German, among other languages, was seconded to the Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects. Here, he was tasked with helping to track down Nazi war criminals. Of his time with the organisation, Lee has said: "We were given dossiers of what they'd done and told to find them, interrogate them as much as we could and hand them over to the appropriate authority ... We saw these concentration camps. Some had been cleaned up. Some had not."'

"We, that are so you young..." etc. Gentlemen of Horror opens tonight at the Woolwich Grand if you fancy it (which means I've three more hours to learn how to sit up straight) followed by a screening of Dracula AD 1972, featuring this shot of Stephanie Beacham:

The venue is amazing by the way. And I got my hair cut especially (which is stupid because look how long Christopher Lee's hair is).

Also - kerching! - "That Mitchell and Webb Sound" is back on the radio, complete with James Bachman, Olivia Colman, and the ghost of Acker Bilk. Here. More anon. Nothing of mine in this episode, but it's all gold. You might want to hazard a whoop.

*Christopherly: - A bit like a Christopher.

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