Friday, 27 December 2013

Vile weather

"A tiny man? Dressed as some fog?"

Where else could such a line have sprung but the Monster Hunters Christmas Special? I'm getting some down me right now as I write this, and I recommend you do likewise pronto to achieve full Christcritical Massmas. If you're wondering by the way where Sir Maxwell House has gone, he appears to have wandered into the Radio 4 Comedy Advent Calendar as Good King Wenceslas care of John Finnemore. I can't seem to embed the clip because I'm down in France with the folks, where the sky is clear down to the mountains and the colours as crisp as the cover art on a second-hand Asimov. This link should work though. I should probably get another voice. And that's it really. Belated Yuletide tidings. Sorry, I'll write more once I've made my resolutions.
I hope none of you are stuck.
Here's Tommy Steele...

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