Friday, 9 January 2015

"I might have that little chair we were talking about now."

"The Box of Desires" - a chilling new episode from The Monster Hunters - is now up, and that is a line from it. A particularly unsettling tale this, in spite of my Sir Maxwelling and the obvious influence of M.R. James - Wait, not "in spite of ". Sorry, I meant "because of the influence of M.R. James" obviously. M.R. James is very scary, sure. What's more scary than basically nothing?

Although now I think of it, while your headphones are up, draw your curtains and get your looking-at-stuff gear round this from the beautiful and talented Joel Morris and Will Maclean. Its young star Susy Kane is also tremendous and definitely one to watch. You will jump.

Brilliant stuff. There's a bit I want to freeze-frame just to accustom myself to the terror.
But I daren't. Like that bit in "Mulholland Drive" - Oh wait no, not that bit in "Mulholland Drive", the bit with the monster round the corner. Not the bit with the - Not the - Not Laura Harring and Naomi Watts in the - I don't freeze-frame -
Anyway that's loads of bits.
Susy can also be heard playing Griselda Promegrew in Monster Hunters' Series 2, of course.
And now I think of it, I can be heard playing the aforementioned M.R. James in a super fun sketch written by aforementioned Will Maclean in the new series of "Before They Were Famous", recorded last July and going out - When? What? MAY?!

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  1. I discovered 'The Monster Hunters' through this post and have now listened to the entire run. Marvellous stuff--thanks! Your "Sir Maxwelling" has provoked many snorts of laughter in public places.