Wednesday, 13 August 2008

One last conspiracy (NONBOND NIGHT 6,708: A MAN CALLED DAGGER)

(originally posted on myspace here)

Who's been painting all of Brixton's hoardings pink? It appears to be part of a beautification project, and on a sunny day the pit that was once a pub next door does glow now with a kind of Mexican ebullience. If I had a camera I'd show you. But I don't, so here instead is a picture of what got painted over:


And now, roll down your sleeves for "just another Pussy Galore", whatever that means, ie nothing. The most charming aspect of this typically charmless trailer, I think, is that it's always the same two henchmen who seem to get defeated. That, and Dagger's David Geffenish comb-over. Girls get blah Guys get blah, you all know the drill by now...

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