Monday, 3 November 2008

"peripheral specificity"

(originally posted on myspace here)

The walk home has been getting very weird lately...


I finally went and saw Ben Moor performing Not Everything Is Significant at the Etcetera tonight, which is extraordinary and on tomorrow night too and then not. Go see. It's been far too long since I've seen a Ben Moor. It was only tuning in to (alright, dowwwnloaaaading) his show Undone last week in bed with a cold that I was reminded just how much his stuff can get under my skin, and has done ever ever since I first saw him wobbling about onstage and enriching his surroundings twelve years back. Good as Undone is it's these one-man shows that really send you off with the five extra senses, the ten senses, and although I'm now thirty- well, we'll get back to that - it happened again tonight. Then having bumped into a mutual friend I got to meet Ben after the show ("got to meet"? Well yes) and he asked me if I was up to anything which was nice, so I started telling him about "Nijinsky Karaoke"... when it dawned on me: There's a distinct possibility that for the past decade I've been subconsciously trying to turn my life into a Ben Moor show.

Well not such a bad idea maybe, they tend not to have happy endings but the protagonists do live full and active lives or at least get out a lot... And it's tomorrow now, the third, my birthday. I've I-hope-not-churlishly cancelled all plans for an Eritrean bunfight in favour of having nothing whatsoever I must do and just seeing where the day takes me. My thirty-fourth birthday. Surprise me.

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