Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Not the Full Ten Bells.

Before I sleep I just found this, talking of moving premises... Some cameras came round to record the last ever day of the Dungeon at Tooley Street, which meant that my exquisitely paced Ten Bells show, carefully honed over five years in front of the public could finally be recorded for posterity before the whole thing gets moved to County Hall never to have a male landlord again. It's a dream position if your lungs are up to it, with a steady build of tension, loads of effects and relatively sound-proof. Unfortunately my previous show had to be stopped half-way through because of a fainter and I'd forgotten when the cameras came in that I'd already pressed two of the effects buttons. Have a look at this clip now and see if you can spot what want wrong...

 Well, not quite the FULL walkthrough experience

"You can stay until the weather clears up but WILL HE STRIKE AGAIN?!!!"
My favourite bit's when I start listing the suspects.

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