Sunday, 19 January 2014

No, seriously, a monster a day


"A bit too Flanimaly for the purposes of this blog"? Did I really write that?* Like this blog has purposes. But see, I've kept my word. A monster a day. Where then are January 17th and 18th, Simon? Hahaha, shush. I'll make these posts more frequent too. The usual promised things.


Christ Kong

Now... For the 4th I cheated a bit, and used an old monster from an early draft of a thing, which is why it's so wordy. (I also considered the problem of the colour bleeding.)

Fathom the Starbat

Another possible solution to the colour bleeding: Draw nothing...

Your friends between the lines
Just one of those Things

On Tuesday evening  I finally got round to watching The London Nobody Knows. Hence this. (Marie Lloyd was the Queen of the Music Hall. It's pronounced Marry though, so this doesn't work. I highly recommend the documentary by the way. You can learn a lot watching James Mason. I wish he was still around to stalk the Trocadero, and point at rubble with his cane, and sniff.)

Miss Hairy Lloyd


Half centaur. Twit. Now, this bleeding. What if the previous monster is the shadow of it successor?

Creeping Dorfish/Dangling Dorfish

Yuck. The word you can't read is "kennel". Or maybe "discarder"...

The Discarder

Dr. Uttoxeter

Sorry, doc. I had to make room for a collage. That might solve the colour bleeding...

Or charcoal...

The Strained

Remember to fix it with hairspray!

Brother Bossmonster

 And be sure to use just the right amount.


This last monster was based on a woman I saw in the "Troll 2" documentary The Worst Best Film simply because I couldn't think of anything to draw and then remembered her face. I'm not convinced it's an entirely honest documentary, by which I mean: By golly, it's going to tell a story, so everyone is forced to find a presentable face to be filtered through their appearance in a terrible film made fifteen years ago. Really it's a documentary about itself. But this woman isn't in it much. She looks after her mother. She surrounds her house with signs warding off visitors. She claims she still works on her acting by watching the television and remembering things she likes. Well, good. Me too. (See above.)

The Nonono
* No.

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