Thursday, 4 December 2014

How I Plug

Well, "Exciting Space Adventures" are all well and good, but what have you been up to?
What do you mean? Who are you?
You did another series of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, didn't you?
Oh! Yes! Yeah, but I assumed anyone who read this blog would already know about -
Can that still be heard?
Yes. Absolutely. It's up on, erm - Oh, some episodes have gone now - but there's still some left on iplayer. Yeah, it's great. So good. Listening back, I feel I could have maybe toned it down for some of the sketches, but -
You're not happy with your work on it?
No no no! It's - Not at all. It was really - Oh, and the Quasimodo sketch is up now on something called Radio 4 in Four.
The Jake Yapp thing!
Oh. No.
Have you heard the Jake Yapp thing?
It's great.

Nice picture.
Oh yes! We got pictures done.
What was that like?
What? Um... Yeah. It was really fun. I think the original shot of John drawing a beard on his own reflection is maybe more original, and better suited for press, but it -
You'd rather not appear in the publicity?
No! No, it's great! A huge compliment. And if you buy the CD you can see some of our feet - No. I just -
You didn't post a link to the CD.
Oh. Sorry.
HOW much?!
I mean, it's probably cheaper on amazon, but I didn't want to -
And I presume it's also available in the BBC shop.
Apparently not... But yeah, no, I was so lucky. Nice to feel part of a gang.
And you did another shunt show?
What? Oh...


Is that right?
Sort of. Ow.
Okay. You've written a lot about shunt on this blog. Want to talk about it?
Um. Wouldn't you rather hear another Exciting Space Adventure?
Do you not want to talk about theatre any more?
No! No no! Actually there's a few interesting things from the rehearsal I'd like to put up. And I did Ring. Again. And I've done - er, actually I've done a couple of shows, as a part of the London Horror festival. Just one-offs.
Where can we see them?
Um. They're - They're - They happened. Back in October. Yeah! But no, I had great fun doing -
Okay. Where can we see you next?
What? Oh! I'm in a panto. Well, it's more of a musical. A company called the Mighty Fin do one nearly every year or so, and Susannah Pearse writes the songs, and John Finnemore's in it as well, which is actually how we met, and it will be brilliant. Yes. You can get tickets... Oh wait, you can't. It's sold out.
But there's 17 tickets still available for the dress rehearsal.
Should I bother to ask what it's called?
I mean... It's in the link. I just thought -
Okay. Well, thanks very much -
Oh, AND, I've popped my panel show cherry! Yes, I was invited to take part in the excellent transatlantic comedy podcast "International Waters". It went online on Monday, and you can hear me laughing my "dad laugh" on it, and plugging stuff even more poorly than I've just done here. Thank you, and MERRYCHRISTMAS!  are still open for business, don't forget.

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  1. So glad you didn't tone it down! Your lines are the most memorable and epic in the entire series. Thomas the Tank Engine, Quasimodo, that song, I could list every sketch you're in, they're all good!

    Wish I could fly over to see that play, it sounds really good. Maybe next year! :)