Monday, 15 February 2016


Zwareth turned to behold the most hideous creature he had ever laid eyes on...


His mind raced: How had it got here?... What did it want with him?... What were those hideous glistening things at the end of its legs? Some form of cover?.. And where... Dear God!... Where were its wings and tail?!!!
"Your mandibles were moving. Are you talking to yourself?"  
"Oh - No. No. Nothing, my nectar. Just thinking."
Zwareth would have to watch himself. It would do no good for Zwarina to suspect... What? What had he done wrong? Nothing. So he'd seen the vide-saga before. No reason she had to know!
"Zwareth, you're doing it again."
"Muttering. What's on your mind, pupa?"
Boots the glistening things were called. Hideous. So hideous. And the creature's chest. Too broad. Far too broad. It didn't even have wings, why did it need such a large chest?! No matter how often Zwareth had watched this clip, it still all seemed so unnatural. Why was it so smooth? And those trousers!
"Zwareth. What?"
"Am I doing it again? "
Zwarina's tentacles loosened.
"We don't have to watch this."
"No. No no. I'm enjoying it. But I mean... Whatever you want, my nectar."
"Okay. Well... I might open another bottle."
"Not for me, thanks. But sure."
Zwarina paused the vide-saga and hovered over to the drinks cleft. Zwareth considered humming, but then decided remaining silent and stock still until his wife's return might better convey the impression of contentment.

Illustration by Rowena Morrill

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