Monday, 18 June 2007

"Haircut?" "Antlers." (The Book of Names)

Looking up Native American names for a shop sketch about a faulty dream-catcher, I found a rather pleasing (and indeed performable) abstract epic for those of you interested in that kind of thing. It exists accidentally down the right-hand side of where the English translations are listed. Here, for example, are the "A"s:

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Sight-of-day stays at home (stays at home) yellow leaf. Wildcat, keeper of the flame-mouse (spirit) lives in the woods, listener: "Tree... Tree... Large tree... Tree... Blossom!"
He laughs. He fights. (Restless one. One who lives below.) Wings ambush. Fighter looks up: "Elm branch... Grove of cottonwood... Pea?"
"Valley of flowers... Haircut?"
Spiritual guide independent forest-water. (Rainbow-worker superior another day. Crow Mother Spirit.)

(Repeat dance.)

"Chief! Chief! Flint necklace worthy of trust?"
"Lance where the wind blows down the gap. Child stars?"
"Stomach ache."
"Stay! Large elk? Crow?"
"Sacred child? Holy child?"
He keeps watch... Pitched trees he interrupts. (Wigwam-blacksmith pitched trees, Lean Bear somebody.)

My home, morning:
"Fawn, fawn, little one. Little one. One who follows orders."
(Actually this is quite a hectoring interpretation, possibly because I missed the Shaolin Monks on Clapham Common, possibly because I've been staying up too late watching "The Legend of Hell House"... see? 

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