Sunday, 22 July 2007

Free Hugs

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Quite a long day at the Dungeons now Summer's here, but with evidence of coolant. Then popping home to pick up a video of "Jonah Non Grata" to lend to Superthriller's Roland. He was performing in the Lounge tonight and had suggested that we collaborate in the future on "just something". I thought Jonah might be it. So I'll see if he "gets" it and if he does: Great, and if he doesn't: Great, we should probably be working on something new anyway. So I handed him the tape and watched Superthriller play. And saw old friends in vests. And we all danced. That was fun. I'm glad I came. I was tired. There was Greco-Roman wrestling too, which ended at about three in the morning:

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I'd never seen live wrestling before, and the first fight just seemed to be a kind of karaoke for hecklers, serving as a background to our baying rather than as a form of entertainment in itself. But then 2am came round, the MC bawled "Let's get rrrrready to watch weird people!" And on came the Juggernaut and the Electric Eel (pictured) and then the porn pro, and then the clearly misunderstood Grim Reaper (bellowing his hidden pain) and then the tiny topless Hitler, and yeah it was good. Lots more dancing. Also good. All good. I must sleep. It's past five. Sorry. Pretend I told you a joke.

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