Friday, 8 February 2008


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No time as yet just now to post the Post Mortem on the run of Jonah. No time either to document my very confused emotional reaction to the airing of the Primo Levi sketch in "Laurence and Gus: Hearts and Minds"

I don't know if I still find it funny. The performances are brilliant. The sound effects are brilliant. But they've cut bits. Quite a few. And does the absence of a frictionless vibrating stepladder, gravity-defying nylon scarf and gas-powered aromatherapy helmet make the sketch more merciful, or simply more glib? I don't know. Always forget a sketch is going to be edited. Am I evil?) No time either just now to comment on the sad passing of Jeremy Beadle (owner of the largest private library in Europe according to Ken Campbell - according to Ned - "Next time you meet 'im, get 'im to take you into his cellar and show you his shelves on hen-faced women!"... now bedad and alas I never shall) nor the death of mitten-spurning Maila Nurmi, aka "Vampira"... "Plan 9" cameo, obviously, James Dean's S & M stub-buddy, and seemingly sole keeper of the flame of geek-lust lighting the end of the fifties' tunnel. Howammamma!


No, the death of strangers is an easy topic. My own life more fiddly. Suffice it to say that a huge, uncomplicated, marvelous fact is currently taking precedence, and I'm going to let it - I asked for it - and return to you with the more traditional arty humhahs once everything's settled down. So, Jonah thoughts next for everyone reading this. And thanks to all who came to the show. Particularly those who hated it. You know who you are. And I love you...


and I shall do better...

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