Friday, 4 July 2008

No Hugging, No Learning... Hugging, No Learning... No Hugging, Learning

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"Bert in self-contemplation":

The end of this clip kills and it's good that it kills. Death must suck.

And I've given myself until the end of the clip to write this entry, rather than the usual five hours. I was up... Monday night I think it was, trawling through Muppets. It was a maudlin exercise, but as maudlin exercises undertaken at three in the morning go pretty entertaining. No, Monday night I was doing Hamlet, and listening to the Tape we made for Hamlet. Hang on. No, Tuesday. What's today? Frank Oz is rambling now. He's about to say "love" and crack. Okay. Bye blog. Tomorrow, sweets. Here's some more stuff I found:

... Actually okay I'm back. I think I have to end with something a little more uplifting and definitive. Here's Henson and Glass. How could a two-year-old watch this and not immediately want to go and draw? It's genius. Bahbahbahbye.

Okay, and now...

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