Thursday, 25 September 2008


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Case 4. Second Wednesday. Female. Third Visit.

"What's your real name then?"
"It's Kate. Kate."
"You're a Nun?"
"I'm a nun."
"And your Relationship Status?"
"Married. To God."
"Could you fill this in please with a picture of God?"


"This goes against everything I believe in."
"Kate, I'm getting a little impatient - "
"Do you have any invisible ink?"
"... I'll ask."
- "Interview Room 8."
"Hello Interview Room 8, this is Interview Room H. Do you have any invisible ink?"
- "Let me see. Sorry no. Have you tried not taking the top off the pen?"
"I haven't. Thank you. Protect the Revolution."
- "Protect the Revolution."
"Just don't take the top off the pen, Kate."
"Very well...


... There."
"You've just done a squiggle."
"Those are God's tendrils."

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