Wednesday, 1 October 2008

How I write

(originally posted on myspace here)

Yesterday day of writing: Wake eight, eat, hoover, review blog, replace jumpy shoe with dancing soldier, change mind, change back, wash smoke from hair, wash dishes, change, wash sheets, shop, bury remains of canvas chair from bonfire, find three blackberries, eat, watch tim bell on telly, hate tim bell, fall asleep in front morse pederast murder case, go for walk like writer, decide join british library to have somewhere write, don't, home, find this...


drown it, hoover bed, change sheets, saw bits off bed make mattress lie flatter, hoover, knock candle off bed-post, replace candle, light candle so dripping wax reinforce join bed-post, watch candle so don't burn bed, eat, get call from mitchell webb look go onset scientist sketch next week, love being writer, eat, fall asleep in front telly juliet stevenson pederast murder case, wake, bathe, dave, dave, dave, sleep.

Today: Happy dungeon morning huge laugh at top office boss bring home proud giant plastic hand trophy with raised middle digit red nail varnish for sticking it to business across road. Me laugh boss go "wot?"

Now: Bathe, read old notebook, see notes exciting scene secret agent film written work at actual bookshop 5 year ago:


Tomorrow: join british library, something, something.

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