Friday, 12 June 2009

All good. Videgum has proof.

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So YES I should alert you to the fact that there is at least one sketch, maybe two of mine airing on BBC2 tonight at 10 as the third series of That Mitchell and Webb Look finally gets broadcast. And now I have. Alerted you. It's going to be very good, I'm pretty sure of that, and the what-is-called "red button content" should also be worth your thumb's time and energy. What they've done is taken a number of the radio sketches - including Asbo Zapruder - and turned them into cartoons, and what could have been a very bad idea has in fact been realized with great sensitiviteh and f'nesse so I am cock-a-hoop. I'm cock-a-hoop and back online, though bound to this crippling, skip-green couch by a short yellow cable because my wireless connection is still for some reason- Well I don't know where to begin - it's all magic isn't it - but the unimaginable resources of information that should be shooting invisibly into my laptop at speeds that can only be explained by the theory of relativity are still having to do so through a kind of wonky, TVam band of narrow plastic and not through the air like I have every right just to expect it to. So my legs hurt.

But in better news, it turns out that during the week I've been offline everything became fine! 

Well, okay not the Government, clearly, not the BNP, not, like the NEWS world, but the other world, the you and me world, the people just getting on with stuff world, the world, in short, so diligently monitored by the mighty, mighty Videogum has been throwing up all manner of giddying evidence of the excellence of people over these past seven days, which I have very much enjoyed catching up on. Although my legs do really hurt. Okay so tuna might be heading for extinction but LOOK, we'll always have kittens:

And LOOK, someone's spent three years making a wedding invitation (As one commenter puts it "Dear People in Love, the bar has just been raised"):

And LOOK, this should be fake, someone clearly must have faked this to advertise T-Mobile or Diet Coke or something, but NO, it happened, so everyone is definitely fine! I'm going to watch telly now with Tom and Will. On Sunday I was dumb enough to say some nasty things about Gordon Brown in front of Will. "I guess we have different ideas what Leadership means," he said. Yeah. I think it definitely means this:

Videogum. My church. I can't get up.

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