Wednesday, 18 November 2009


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Back in the office at Money I've just been told the Lounge, which closed, stripped, on Saturday (above), may now be getting another extension until March. Nigel's face when he heard the news was... did you see that Doctor Who on Sunday when David "Oh nwoh, oh no nwoh, I'm sorry, I'm so, swoh sorry" Tenant went and saved Lyndsay Duncan's life at the last moment, even though the time and circumstance of her death had been QUANTUMLY ORDAINED, and so do you remember how she reacted? Like that. Shunt and me and Nigel's brains will hear more tomorrow, but yeah there may be murk at the end of the tunnel yet. Whoop awe.


"Under these arched bricks... we have communed with people from all over the world, discussed in all languages, and understood each other."
Mateusz Odrobny

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