Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Manage to watch this to the end and I'll buy you a pint...

 Ahahaha indeed. Here, try playing this simultaneously underneath. It might help:

And welcome to the new look Unattended. Yes, the old myspace blog has finally become unnavigable - de-evolving from codex to ROM-sapping scroll - so I heaved the whole lot over here to blogspot like a grownup and have been up late sewing tags, all to ensure the Blog Mark Two is hopefully user-friendly now to the point of harassment. What do you think? Too noisy? Try the "Obama", it's delicious...What a haul it's been. "Fat Adolf" remember that? That Secret Agent screenplay I kept going on about which I still haven't written or started to write? - Ah, it's 7:16 in the morning - that would call for a "Sleeping/Not sleeping". It's good to have a system. Happy rummaging!


  1. Good heavens, this is my two-hundredth post.

  2. OK, you owe me one! And you realise that you're commenting on your own blog now right? :)

  3. No.* And Yes.**
    * Actually all the titles for these posts are written by my editor so you'd better take that up with her. (Legs it.)
    ** Allowed. Normal.

    1. Hmmph. Be that way then.
      And, yes, I comment on my own comments all the time.