Friday, 14 June 2013

David Shayler has other ideas.

What I really want to write about is Jon Ronson's "The Pychopath Test" - which first alerted me to the current state of former MI5 whistleblower Shayler's internal narrative let's call it - and Phillip K. Dick, and Brian Aldiss' thoughts on ECG testing, and all sorts of research for "Time Spanner" and modern epiphanies. But that's going to take ages so here, I'll just drop you right in this... God it's funny if you can forget it's actually happening to someone:

"When I first woke up I was told by Jesus that we would be hit by massive solar activity in 2012, and part of my mission was to gather together 2,000,000 children to sing "Greensleeves" to calm down the effects of this solar activity." And so on, and so on... Willy Mason said it so much better.

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