Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lee and Cushing's Fist of Fun

A quick plug for something I'll be in next week, featuring a number of subjects dear to me, among them the opportunity to hang out with Matthew Woodcock.

"Matthew and Simon are very enthusiastic, and old friends who've worked together a lot... They're still working on what they'll do. One caveat, though - if you're coming along, please don't expect two people who look and sound identical to Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee."

Wise words indeed from playwright James Goss. (Here's the interview.) And - ah! Brilliant! - here are rehearsal shots of Bishop as Cushing and myself as Lee, taken by our superb director Kate Webster yesterday. I know. Uncanny. It looks like it's being billed as a comedy, which is maybe just as well. I can do Lee's voice in my head, but we all sound a bit like Christopher Lee in our head. It's beautifully written though. Utterly believable. And we're great. Also I ditched the beard today and, Christ, my teeth are feeling the cold as a result. So come. Watch us be actors at the Woolwich Grand. It will be sweet. Here.

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