Wednesday, 18 December 2013

This week's slug sketch brought to you by Manowar

Everyone should listen to this track at least once.

And of course "David Mitchell" is an anagram of "Death to False Metal".
Here then is episode 4 of That Sound, with the sketch I wrote about slugs, which went well, which was a relief, as my laughter can attest (it was originally going to be a far more naturalistic interior monologue, still a slug's, but I got stuck on that, and then I wrote a sketch about a bee's interior monologue - sitting on poison, wanting to "back into" someone, a bit intense, very easy to write, not recorded -  and thought two sketches about animals having interior monologues would be stupid, hence the adoption of Manowar's tried-and-tested Welsh Grandfather motif. Process.) I thought this was going to be the last episode, but look there's a bonus fifth episode here. I told you there was lots of good stuff at the recording. Enjoy. I'm off shopping. Shop!

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