Sunday, 16 February 2014

Monsters' Ball, #34-48

Continuing the drawing-a-monster-a-day project. (I think there may be one or two gods here as well.) With one exception - the naramoeba - they don't have names now, let alone descriptions. Like that judge in those things, I want to see where this goes.

This post is dedicated Videogum, the much loved, and now much missed popular culture blog, often mentioned here, whose commenters provided the warmest internet community I've yet encountered. They called themselves monsters. Long may they monst.


  1. Wow these are all amazing, I especially love the monster bee and the deer too, very spooky. You're super talented!

  2. Tank you, tank you! I just discovered your JFSP tumblr two nights back. What a boost. Really appreciated, Maartje. (How did you find the Drop-off sketch btw, and how did you know it was mine? Thanks for that too.)