Monday, 16 June 2014


inspired by this Alex Schomburg illustration, from the ever-inspiring 70s sci-fi art...

"How do you like travelling in our new hover vehicle, Zepina?"
"Guys, it's amazing! Which one of you is steering?
"Um - We both are?"
"Cool! Oh, here's a good spot. Can you set us down here?"
"Okay. Hold on to something."
"Hold onto- Why- OW! FUCK ME!"
"It's okay. It's okay"
"What the fuck- !"
"We're just tilting. It's fine, Zepina. That's just how it parks. Excuse m- "
"OW! I'm getting out. How do I get out? Where's the door?"
"... Ah."
"Um. It's that hatch."
"It's not opening! Why isn't it opening?!"
"It's fine, it's fine. Just - Okay, everyone move to the other side of the vehicle -"
"We fell on the wrong side. It's fine! Just move- Everyone move really quickly... NOW!"
"Okay... we nearly had it. And AGAIN..."

Nice aerial though.

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