Tuesday, 28 October 2014

That Perfect Romcom Playlist in Full


Angelina Banjolina "These Clouds Are Made of Bedrooms"

Pope Of Snooze "Tocatta In Ping"

Lyle Litler "Anyone Gotta Pen?"

Futi "I Will/Won't"

The Hoops "You and Me and You and Me and Me and Me and Hey Where'd You Go"

Frape "I Like Poo"

Same Thing "Corridors and Hallways"

Orson "Wells"

The Counters "Song 9"

Fake Native "Don't Do The Voice"

Uncle Mom "(We Both Look A Bit) Like Lena Heady"

Singing Detective "Christ On A Bike"

Cat Screidle "Song To a Fucking Tree"

APpphex Twin "Voink"

Tocatta In Ping "Pope Of  Snooze"

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