Friday, 5 December 2014

"Putting Gaston in his Place": Attitudes towards Animism, Predeterminism and Liminality in that youtube video

Here's a very charming video of a theme park actor enjoying four minutes of actual acting. I know from working in the London Dungeon, that in a job like this, normally all character and no drama, a heckling child who totally buys into it can be water in the desert.


But the real reason I'm posting this video is because of  the comment Neil "Ned Mond" Edmond made below, which I think is brilliant and useful:

"What I mainly like about this is that the girl's relationship with the characters and narrative matches what I hope eg. a pre-Christian norseman's relationship with a god might have been: The story is both finished and ongoing, and intervention is meaningful even when the result is predetermined."

See also: playing with Star Wars figures.

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