Friday, 19 December 2014

The 70's: What Were They Thinking?!!!!!!!?

These publicity stills from the 1970's now freely available online would barely have caused anyone at the time to bat an eyelid! Seen in the light of what we know today however, they make for startling - and sometimes even chilling - viewing...


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No, your eyes aren't playing tricks! That's world-renowned, award-winning director Steven Spielberg larking around on set with a GIANT MAN-EATING SHARK. And it wasn't just sharks that were being treated differently in the seventies...


Hard to believe now that we used to teach monkeys to smoke but, well, see for yourself. Everyone smoked in the seventies. It was normal. Christ!
But look, if THAT wasn't bad enough...


Back in the seventies, kids could play with actual toys themed around a man who was LITERALLY called "Evel". That was his NAME!
Nice fucking toy, the seventies!
Oh it gets worse...


Yep. I'm afraid so.
And remember, this was on kids' television at tea time! Unthinkable now of course.
What? Oh, it's racist. This is a racist one. Isn't it? Yeah.
And speaking of racists...



No, wait. Spastics. Um, hello, Derek Griffiths? You're not allowed to say spastics!
You racist.
Unfortunately he's not the only seventies star with a past they'd probably rather forget...


Yep. Nowadays of course Jodie Foster is 52. But back in the seventies, as this photo proves, I'm afraid to say she was JUST FOURTEEN! Yikes.

7. Hello? The seventies? I don't think THAT'S how you drive.

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