Thursday, 15 January 2015

10,000 Bad Drawings #00001-#00012

Yurgh! Isn't this brilliant? It just goes to show what you can do if... well, if you actually do it. Staring the present in the face I've likewise decided to renew last year's resolution to draw A MONSTER A DAY! I want to fill that book and drawing's a discipline I want to get back. Now that I don't doodle I've stopped paying the same kind of attention to other peoples' doodles, which means I don't enjoy comics so much for example, and I want that enjoyment back. I know it's also because I'm forty, and I know my body's running out of Ooo's and Ahh's if I don't exercise them. I also appear to have developed a fear of putting pen to paper. Thank-you letters haven't helped: What if they can't read my handwriting? What if it's all tiny like a serial killer's? What if I accidentally write Cunt? 
Anyway, what's the saying? "We all have ten thousand bad drawings in us, the sooner we get them out the better. " Here then are twelve. 


  1. Wow! These are brilliant!
    I hope this year I'll be able to fill a sketchbook with drawings. This reminded me I should maybe try and do that...and draw things other than the things I have to draw for art.
    Are the monsters that you draw based on anything? Or are they completely from your brain?!
    And how do you know serial killer's handwriting is all you write lots of letters to them? Or Are you a serial killer?
    Also that ten thousand bad drawings saying...I feel like that might be useful for me to remember when I am trying to get into university.

  2. Well, since you asked me what my monsters are based on...
    1. A photo of a slightly square-headed boy in the Autumn/Winter 2011 Issue of Man About Town
    2, 3 and 4. Objects in the Horniman Museum. I went there to draw animals but the animal bit was closed.
    5. A spooky pram on tumblr:
    6. A gallery shot of red light in a black room I now can't find.
    7. A Toucan on a Christmas card
    8. A birdman on tumblr and this couple:
    9. The only one of these monsters where the idea came first: I thought I'd draw another couple, and a shoe shop seemed like an interesting relationship, so I googled "shoe shop clerk":
    10. Prince at the Golden Globes:
    11. This cartoon from Windsor McCay, who was a comics and animation pioneer whose sense-engulfing Art Deco fantasies I can't recommend too highly...
    12. A possible opossum that turned up in the home of my friends James and Siobhan. They've just moved to Los Angeles.
    The next monsters I'm trying to draw I'm trying to make more completely from my brain. You know, using the force. Surely the whole point of drawing specifically monsters was that they didn't have to look like anything.

    And I know serial killers have small writing from the film "Se7en". Thank you!