Friday, 20 February 2015

Sun Dance

Super Kool Kane Mix

Here's the sun. It's nice to feel lucky, and this film makes me feel very lucky indeed. Imagine not seeing this. Imagine if I lived in, say, the nineteenth century. I'm no expert, but those bursts of flame must be bigger than the Earth. Imagine that. I'd have missed seeing flames bigger than the Earth. I know that contemplating the Vastness of Space is supposed to be depressing because it makes you feel small and unimportant, but I actually find feeling small and unimportant a tremendous relief. And I'm sure I'm not alone - you know, religion etc. So thanks, NASA. If I've one quibble with their original montage (posted below) it's with the slightly numbing "bigness" of the accompanying music, so three minutes in  I switched it off and looked for something else to accompany these mighty spumes. "Street Spirit" by Radiohead was simply the first thing I tried - it was the same length and Radiohead just goes with things - but I love what resulted, which is what I've posted up top. That's the sun, that is. Look at it getting down! (I'm off to use my newfound editing skills to stick the opening theme of Knightmare over Koyaanisqatsi touch up my showreel.)

Bom Bom Bom

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