Friday, 27 March 2015

The Secret of Comedy 4:20am

The secret of comedy's not what you think.

It turns out there actually are two types of people: listeners and broadcasters. Neither type is more polite than the other, although it is polite to listen. But listeners aren't being patient - they just prefer to listen.

So here's the secret: Listeners are more likely to find other listeners funny, and broadcasters self-indulgent. Broadcasters are more likely to find other broadcasters funny, and listeners self-indulgent.

In other words, someone's always going to find you self-indulgent.


  1. Interesting. I wrote an assignment for university last year titled 'The Changing Nature of Comedy across the Ages'. I also wanted to state that I was extremely disappointed that I couldn't make your Jack the Ripper tour on Saturday evening, as my father is extremely ill and was rushed to hospital on Friday. He's doing a little better now. I'm very worried though, so I'm struggling to sleep. I'm currently listening to JFSP using earphones, as whilst my better half does like JFSP, at the moment he's more interested in sleeping. Apart the sketches where you're loud or shouting, I find your voice most soothing, and your singing is magnificent! Many thanks, Mr Kane.

  2. Thank you! I wish there was more to put in your ears. I also wish your father every health. I'm very, very sorry to hear he's ill.
    Also: Interesting. How far back do these ages go? How do you think it's changed?