Sunday, 10 May 2015

Chris Grayling Rejohnfinnemembored

So farewell then, this guy. Not John. Chris Grayling.

It's been a bit of a weekend for Greatest Hits: old policy announcements and fire station closures reposted on Facebook, protests in Whitehall, complaints about a media blackout, again on Facebook, think-pieces warning against a drift to the left (of Labour's pledge to spend even less on the NHS than the Tories, presumably) - even the resurrection of the Hipster Cop meme from 2011's Occupy Wall Street (although our Hipster Cop is far more hip), so I make no apology for posting this classic from 2013 to mark the change of Lord Chancellor. It's alright though, he's being replaced by Michael Go-*sets fire to self beneath a placard that says "Past Caring"*.

Oh and I've started following Louise Mensch on twitter: Man... that's opening the door to a bathroom that's had the plumbing ripped out. I tried to counter her retweets about the protests in a civilized and enquiring manner, but ended up just relaying details about the Ben Stiller film "Flirting With Disaster" that was on Film4.

Well, whatever gets you through, as Mensch herself has written.

Have fun. Continue.



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