Thursday, 7 January 2016

As Many Stars as there are Ears!

As you can see it's been a fun winter, apart from the gas leak and the prospect of having all of our floorboards ripped up and - Forget that. Why not enjoy some of the fruits of that winter down the side of your head? And forget about not having any heat, or floor - Boiled eggs or floor, that's the deal - But don't worry about that! Here:
The Monster Hunters Christmas Special! "The Rapping on The Mirror" - NOW with added SCRYING. And a whole Series 3 is on its way! I'm listening again to Series 2 as I write this. Much happy.
North by Northamptonshire: Full Stop! A "bottle episode", which means I get to do a massive, long scene with Katherine Jakeways and Felicity Montagu and Penelope Wilton AND Geoffrey Palmer AND Sheila Hancock AND John Biggins, and TWO Kevin Eldons! All in a bottle! The kind of morning one files under "Christmas has come early", hence the jumper.
And finally, this very evening on the BBC's own Radio Four, a BRAND NEW SERIES of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme will be broadcast at half-past six! And then HERE!
Okay, enough fruit... I wonder if there's any pizza left for breakfast.


  1. This is absolutely BRILLIANT! (please imagine it said in Arthur Shappey's most excited voice)

    1. Thanks! I had to call in a lot of favours.