Monday, 29 February 2016



    Zuniform's heavier gravity was already beginning to take a toll on what Captain Corny still insisted on calling his "junk".
    "If I can just rest my junk on that rock yonder," he said aloud for some reason, "that'd free up my good hand. Who knows how many hands I'm gonna need free on Zuniform!"
    "Your helmet."
    "What?" Corny immediately turned, drawing his Shrill Ray from its sling... "A mirror!"
    "What mirror?" said the voice "You must remove your helmet. Please listen. It is too heavy for your brain."
    "By the three moons, my own reflection! Talking back to me!"
    "No." His reflection sounded tired. "I am not... Please, just take off your helmet. It serves no purpose and is making you stupid."
     "But the rock I'm resting my junk on. It's not showing up. Is that..."
     "Traveler, please..."
     "A vampire rock?!" 
     The Zuniformian Cleft-Wraith hung its head. Captain Corny did the same. Noticing this the Cleft-Wraith began to mime removing a helmet.  
     It worked.  
     His helmet off, Captain Corny waited to see what he would do next. 
     It was sigh.

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