Thursday, 9 February 2017

There are more things in Heaven and Ufton Nervet...

"Populism can survive only amid polarization... Don't feed polarization, disarm it."   This guy

Well this is pretty disarming. Disarming and utterly brilliant.

I found it searching for "Time Spanner" on youtube. As a city boy I'm not entirely sure I get all the references. Is it a Brexit thing? Who cares? I assume the name Time Spanners is a brilliant act of reappropriation though, rather than a terrible mistake. So yeah, two pretty unrelated links... I just thought, parenthetically, it's worth bearing in mind that fascism probably does thrive on polarization, and that there's little more polarizing than a referendum. I'm not saying any of this was planned, but maybe let's not have any more, and - note to self - no matter how hard things get, let's do everything we can to stop that inner census asking of every new face we see: "How did they vote?" because it only helps the heavies. "Oyez. Bad dog."

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