Thursday, 25 January 2018

The nice reason there's a "Suicide Hotline Phil" on my phone

 Realising I was never going to make it in time to the Wandsworth screening of "Paddington 2" I got off the train at Vauxhall instead and went for a riverside walk past the chrome crates towards Putney. That weekend was a wet state. The inside of the pockets of my parka had become soapy from the rain and maybe the antibacterial hand gel I keep there to stop everything, and I finally found myself standing opposite the flats where we'd filmed "Suicide Hotline" back in 2016, before heading back home. In the evening I coincidentally learnt that the film's director Philip Clyde-Smith had just put the whole thing up online (you have to wait for a film to do the festival circuit first, although of course I was allowed to use some clips for the show-reel) and as the weather's a little cheerier today I thought I'd finally share "Suicide Hotline" with this blog. It was a great gig. I learnt a lot and got to keep the shirt. Filmed in a single take, I suspect both the light and my blocking improved as my performances grew more self-conscious, but we used a later take and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Mike Fairclough, on the other end of the phone, killed every time. Trigger alerts: nothing graphic, just gloom. Enjoy. And thanks again, Phil.


  1. Seems like a very good acting take to me.

  2. That was well done on all fronts. Bleak, but well done. Did you make it to another screening of Paddington 2?

    1. Thanks! I have missed the Paddington 2 boat.