Sunday, 26 August 2007

("pizditz"?) and a man who has seen one film

(originally posted on myspace here)

Katie Fey is, I believe, one of Kiev's most popular internet nudes (I can testify to her nudity, just not her popularity.) She is 23. Fey is probably not her real surname (or else she hails from quite a big porn family because there are an awful lot of Feys out there on the net, taking their bras off in pool halls and leaving their socks on and wotnot). Anyway I notice she has just accepted my friend request. Perhaps I should add a comment (I see she's a Scorpio.) She has also just sent out the following bulletin:

Today my dog has died!
It had a breast cancer
And it should be drowned...


Drink for my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P I Z D I T Z ! ! !

Which is not really what I was expecting from our friendship but Muzzletoff, Katie.

And the day before yesterday I came back from Edinburgh.
And yesterday I went to Kew, and was shown this:

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And tonight I saw a topless man asleep on the tube and thought of David Banner (post-Hulk) and took a photo:

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So there, I'm bang up to date. G'night. (I might start a group on F*c*book actually, to see if anyone can think of any other film that might fit Con Air's description. I've already thought of two.)

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