Sunday, 6 January 2008

Brittle Sticky Liquid Issues

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No photos for a while I'm afraid, as I dropped my phone into some coffee this morning heading out onto the floor of the Dungeons and all I can get it to do now is either vibrate or electrocute me, I'm not quite sure which it is. I was at a party the night before in Hammersmith. It was very good indeed but left me lolloping quite a bit. Laurence and Gus were there and it turned out that the Abraham and Isaac sketch I'd written for them had been recorded after all, nothing was censored, so hooray. That'll teach me. Apparently it's fine with Radio 4 listeners to pick holes in the OLD Testament as long as you're not making fun of Jesus. "And," as Laurence points out "the appearance of God automatically makes everything cartoony".


Morgan meanwhile, Morgan from next door, he has been censored. His hoardings-based portrait of Da Vinci with the lobster claws, and the slogan "THE WORLD NEEDS A PAINTBRUSH AND A HUG" have now been - a little ironically - painted over by the builders. In their place can now be seen a number of large colourless slabs that make the Tate's Rothko room look like the Wide Awake Club. Or they did until Morgan joined them up to form a large, grey smiley face.

And speaking of large, grey smiley faces I've started searching for "latex masks" on ebay. I do recommend it. There's a cornucopia of cheap, weird heads out there. I was sourcing materials for Jonah Non Grata because the "Constipation" mask I used to wear to play a cherub is now pretty much unusable. I used to fill it with Greek Yoghurt so my head would be good and gooey for the scene inside the whale, but now it's gone brittle and cracks. And electrocutes you. Okay it doesn't but I don't really understand latex and they don't make that mask any more, so I'll probably have to find a new face for the cherub. And here's a very small sample of the current ebay front-runners. See?


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