Saturday, 20 February 2010


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Here's Shunt looking over the script for Money as it stood on the 31st of March, 2009. Way back. But the good news is it looks like the the show's run will now definitely be longer than the rehearsal period as we're extending it to the end of June, imagine that! I wonder who'll be Prime Minister. In other, appalling news: Nigel - lovely big, works-forty-hours-a-day, stars-in-the-show, runs-over-to-the-vaults-between-shows-to-be-Mussolini-or-Walter-Raleigh, just-had-a-bloody-KID Nigel, was taken into hospital yesterday with appendicitis. We have no Nigel. Now this was going to have been Nige's last week on the show anyway, as the National Theatre of Wales was commandeering him to appear with Michael Sheen in Peter Morgan's "Jesus: The Meetings" or something as of next Tuesday, so he HAD been training in his mate Hywel as a replacement, but still. This meant Hywel now found himself having to go onstage last night instead of the following Tuesday, and do two shows with one day's rehearsal, in Nigel's clothes, in the dark, over the trapdoors, with exits that can only be opened if you remember to keep a handle on you. Which he did, and he was incredible. A bear like Nigel but a more innocent bear, and like Nigel an absolute engine. Boy was he paying attention. So we plough on.
But Nige, baby, get better.


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