Thursday, 4 February 2010

"The 2010 Question" (Spit on your grave, sir?)

"To accuse a serving Prime Minister of lying to Parliament is an incredibly serious allegation." So who better to dispel the gimcrack frivolity surrounding the Chilcot enquiry than TV's Richard "Books" Madeley? Who better? Nobody. Everything about this piece is perfect... Okay Richard, ENTER!

YEAH. Cut through that crap, Madeley, it smells of fish. The parellels with Churchill? Uncanny. For did Churchill not also believe or not believe in weapons that weren't or were in the possession of a country with whom we were at war or were not or actually, Richard, what? But anyway NOBODY HAULED CHURCHILL up before an enquiry in 1946. Or '47. OR '48. I could go on. And "you know what?" I ALSO have not heard a single one of Tony Blair's critics employ a spuriously hypothesized parallel universe in their arguments either. WHAT ARE THEY RUNNING FROM? Oh, so the so-called 2010 question doesn't fit your exclusively fact-based narrative eh, The Critics? Have you forgotten the atmosphere? THE ATMOSPHERE! WE HAVE TO REMEMBER THE ATMOSPHERE! How could we have forgotten the atmosphere? 

Perhaps though, if Britain hadn't gone to War in 2003... as I walked through an unlit St. James Park arm in arm with my baby on the evening of January 29th, 2010, we wouldn't have had to shout over the helicopters as we checked out the swans, we wouldn't have had to make our way silently and joylessly past the blockade of empty vans and mounted police all stationed to guard Blair's sorry ass from the human resources that had once been his, as this ass now passed through the most recently erected of barriers. Perhaps there might have been more people about. And Brian Haw might go to sleep in his own little room again.

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