Tuesday, 15 June 2010


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(Image courtesy of the ever NSFW win and tonic, ironic as she Ws at our box office. And turned Russell Brown down. Thrice. Because she'd miss the tube.)

Anyway, given that the promulgation propagation what the fuck promulgation of stuff like this is EXACTLY why youtube was invented, it is unforgivable that the following episode of Andy Devine's counter-cultural, Pop Art nightmare-factory "Andy's Gang" has only received 612 views thus far. So see how far YOU can get through it (but maybe post any sharp objects you have lying around to yourself before settling down):

Kudos to Vitto Scotti. No reason, I just like saying it. And thanks to Pier and Johnny at Big Red Button for pointing me towards it. It only occurs to me now that Pablo the drug mule must have been a real, dead dog, so stare too long into the Abyss of Andy's Gang and clearly the Abyss stares back... Hey everyone! Let's stare too long into the Abyss of Andy's Gang! This received only 166 views. Quick, before the postie turns up with your blades!

Do you hate me now? I hate me. By the way, don't whatever you do ever click on anything that looks like this:


I mean, they will literally turn you into a cartoon. LOOK AT THEM!

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