Wednesday, 22 January 2014

March 2013 - Perfs

The Dungeon reopened in March, but I was Ringing. 

This is Warwick University where some of Ring was made, and the head on a stick used to make it. John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, Ghostphone, Life by Misadventure, Before They Were Famous, Gentlemen of Horror, Monster Hunters, Time Tours, Christmas Carol II, Ring... 2013, I now realise, was a year full of performances and short on rehearsal. Partly this was a money issue. But also it was because a lot of this was voice work. "Voice work" simply means you can't be seen, which means you get to read from the script (unless the reason you can't be seen is because they've turned the lights off) but it also means you rarely get to rehearse. In voice work, heavy breathing is of course vital to let people know you're still there when someone else is speaking. Was it not Stanislavski who said "Acting is reacting"?*  Voice acting therefore is gasping and going hmm.


* Was it not Kuleshov who said "No it' s not"?

And I can be heard having great fun doing both in Peter Davis' and Philip North's Hellraiser fanfiction "Piercing the Veil", here.
And tomorrow evening, I can be seen giving an unrehearsed Don Quijote as the guest performer in this.
And next month, I can't be seen in Ring at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, because they'll turn the lights off, but tickets are here.

(Speaking of Hellraiser, this rejected Cenobite is always good for a laugh.)

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