Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fun Fox Facts

- This is one of the first sketches I wrote. It stars David Mitchell, Robert Webb and James Bachman.

- The seed of the sketch was not in fact the fox-hunting ban, but the case of Armin Miewes and Bernd Jurgen Armand Brandes.

- I wasn't alone in finding the idea of somebody voluntarily turning up to someone else's house to be eaten funny. My friend Will's favourite detail of the case is Miewes accidentally letting Brandes' severed penis burn on the stove in pepper, wine and garlic because he was so engrossed in a Star Trek novel. Will liked this thwarted attempt at Hannibal Lecterish sophistication. (Ironically, the casting of Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal probably has more to do with the Miewes case than it does any previous incarnation of Lecter. I haven't seen it. Is he into Star Trek?)

- The fox is named "Grace" after the Jeff Buckley album. This line was cut. Also cut was the line "Drop the cheese", fox slang for "Show me the money". As I say this was one of my first sketches.

- According to Wikipedia, Miewes has since become a vegetarian.

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