Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"What we're trying to do really is create a living hell, have people pay admission..."

Coyle & Sharpe

Okay on the one hand, pranks r the wurst. On the other hand though, the funniest stuff's never written on a blank page.

I knew nothing about Coyle and Sharpe until ten minutes ago but I urge you now to listen. Honestly, you're reduced to spending your evenings looking up celebrity roasts of Ted Knight on youtube thinking you've seen and heard it all yet there's fifty-year-old treasure like this lying around unregarded. Thanks to Robert Popper then for regarding, and to Sam Bain for reposting. I can't tell how you happy this makes me.

Another prank that has made me very happy, by the way, is BBC3's Murder In Successville. Beautifully played by six foot seven inches of Tom Davis, and beautifully shot for tuppence by James de Frond (I understand he had to fork out for his own drone) it's live and mad and corpsey and oh, just lots of things I haven't seen British Comedy be in ages. It's not on Wednesdays any more though but something that still is is Before They Were Famous, and the last of my Henrik Ibsen Christmas Cracker jokes. 
Henry Gibson.
Now, see, I'd heard of him.

Ostensibly a riff on the writing styles of the greats, the real theme of this show - and what, I suspect I'm not alone in discovering among the new writers commissioned, made the sketches so fun to write - is rejection, and sympathy for the idea of trying to turn the smallest commission into The Great Work.


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