Saturday, 8 July 2017

Rushed Smudge

The film I shot on a potato in the woods surrounding Frankfurt is now online, so you can all finally see how strangely out of focus everything was on that day and enjoy the deeply disappointing results of a month's never giving up. Stupid magic phone. Sorry - Enjoy!


UPDATE: They say a film is never finished, only abandoned, but I abandoned this a little too early. Tinkering around with the re-edit I've now upped the volume, changed the soundtrack to give it a bit more shape, and hit the filter  that makes it look more super-8-y and home-movie-ish to lampshade  the amateurism. That's the version that's now linked to above. Less rushed. Still a smudge. The original crud is up here.


  1. Haunting. I have long reckoned that many abduction and lost time accounts have been the desperate cover stories of the sexually compromised. Not this time, though.

  2. Loving this. Especially the song, and the 'where the sun don't shine - that's Mintu's home' part.