Monday, 30 April 2018

Post something, you idiot, it's nearly May!

Well this picture's nice, and will brighten up the place. It's by Rhianna Evans - Thanks, Rihanna! - and bears an astonishing resemblance to the thing in my head. I love the oven gloves on Mr. Mergatroid (who I guess is the matriarch?... which makes sense as both Kraken and the Voice are patriarchs. And Mergatroid does move from one to the other. So then, I don't know, Gabbie's the craftsman, Martin's the clown? Does any of this work?) Sorry you've been out of the loop, blog, but there is to be a SECOND WHOLE EPISODE of "Time Spanner" to be recorded and broadcast later this year. Hazard a whoop! Not a whole series, mind, just another standalone, so if this story - very clearly begun on November the 3rd 2016 - is ever to be finished it will have a pretty interesting shape (and will at least "span time"). John Finnemore hosted a read-through of a draft I wrote last week, and it turns out we won't be using that... Well, it could be better. And needs to be the best. Let's put it like that. Anyway, watch this - if you'll pardon the pun - space. Oh also, a Time Spanner fan blog has been set up which is absolutely full of tangential goodies and is providing, for this writer at least, an incredibly useful resource/spur.

Also, the show was repeated on the actual radio waves! But I'm too late to post a link to that. Sorry. Speaking of continued evidence of my existence however: Series 4 of That Mitchell and Webb Sound was also repeated, for which I wrote some sketches that I'm very fond of, none of which appear in episode 6 however, which is the only episode still up on iplayer. Also, Series 3 of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme is still mostly up, and still incredible - I can see that now unambiguously, this far on. Lucky for me.

Finally, one more regurgitation: "Nightmare in Deskteeth", the surreal short about red boots that appears in my showreel and whose filming I mentioned here, is now entirely visible on vimeo. Or below.

Anything else? Oh flip! Yes! WE'RE STILL GOING ON TOUR! As you were.

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  1. I wish there was an IMDB for sketches. I love to guess who wrote what. I shall now have to relisten to S4 of TMAWS and try and spot the Kane.