Thursday, 7 August 2008

BANG! URGH! TOOT! (NONBOND NIGHT 2: something something KILL)

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Youtube has this down as a trailer for the film "Licensed To Love and Kill". The trailer itself however says "Shoot To Kill", and elsewhere on youtube it's called "No1 of the secret service Lindsay Shonteff". Regardless, I came across this trailer after last night's post and it immediately leapt to the "No1" Non-Bond spot in MY heart, I'll say. So here it is, enjoy:


So okay the film itself (Let's call it "Gareth's Good at Flicking Fags and Poo") looks wretched, but this trailer's clearly the work of a comedy genius. Really, hats off to the dry, lone anarch who pieced this beauty together: the Quixotic irony of the final voice-over that accompanies No1's clearly doomed test-drive of the world's shittest flying car... the subliminal suggestion of a turd flicked into cleavage... the non-sequiteurial toot of the stripper crawling out of the wall... and the sound, just the cutting of the soundtrack is hilarious and oddly exhilirating, it's like Spike Jones (as opposed to Jonze).

Oh and should you feel like a bath after watching this, may I belatedly suggest my friend John's Cabin Pressure...

Oh and on the subject, I'd also like to plug Ned's awesome Knocker. (Just grit your teeth for the preceding "poetry pod"). There's quite a bit of baroque surrealism doing the rounds in comedy at the moment, only not very well and slightly embarrassed, but Ned nails it. And he always plays people called Ian, which is nice... I would also have liked to plug the repeat of Laurence Howarth's brilliant Safety Catch, but that's just finished, so I can't make the words go blue and underliney. Well, that should do for now.

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