Thursday, 15 January 2009

Iago on drums (Mac! Goo! Han!)


Tight-lipped and side-parted, that example to prickly iconoclasts the world over: Patrick McGoohan died yesterday aged 80. As the penny-farthing flies half-mast in Portmeirion, why not take a moment to enjoy him in Basil Dearden's Shakespeare-updating jazz curio All Night Long, as he condenses all of Othello's pivotal Act 3 Scene 3 into one blistering drum solo. In "Iago's Little Book of Calm" I gave Iago the line "I used to fish, and play the dums," and this is why:


Patrick, any chance you could do that again but with less intensity?

"........................ NO!!!"
(Sorry it's taken another death to see me return. My New Year's Resolution has been, well, to take it easy.) 

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