Friday, 12 December 2014

Monsters Placeholder and Angels Place

Well folks, it's coming to the end of the year, so let's look back at how those resolutions went, for example, the draw-a-monster-a-day project. That didn't even make it to the end of February, and who can blame it? I mean, these aren't that great. Sometimes I try to make something out of that, mainly I don't. Anyway, here's February's remaining monsters.

Now that one was at least supposed to look slightly off.

And the one above was copied from a toilet wall in Liverpool, which is why it's interesting.

 Then we went to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks...

 What? Well, whatever I've written here when I arrived, I know I didn't feel it when we left.

This silhouette approached us downtown. The streets there are pretty empty of people without blankets.

But we loved Los Angeles. To anyone wondering where their jet pack is now it's 2014, it's probably in Los Angeles. It's just there's no record of that love in these drawings.
And after these, the intervals between them only got larger...

"I was driving down Sunset, and I turned down one of those roads that leads up into the hills. And we stopped at this place that overlooks the whole city, it was fantastic. I suddenly felt exhilerated. I was really moved by the geometry of the place - its conception - its brittle harmony. It's a fabulous city. To think some people claim it's an ugly city when it's really pure poetry, it just kills me. I wanted to build something right then, create something. You know what I mean?" 00:22:43 in. Um, in Italian, Sorry.

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